Common Questions


My driveway is concrete or asphalt.  It is old, uneven, or spalling.  Do I have to dig it out or can it be covered?

Ideally you would excavate the driveway and construct a new one.   However, that is costly and often the investment will not be returned  upon resale.  A concrete or asphalt driveway can be resurfaced with new  hot mix asphalt.
This can be done in one day.  It begins with a good  cleaning and the application of SS1, a bonding agent commonly referred  to as tac in the industry.  The asphalt is then laid and compacted. 
Parking on the newly overlaid driveway is not recommended for 4 days. 

Our parking lot is full of potholes, do we have to re do the whole thing?

Small repairs are possible in parking lots as well as driveways.  We  can also offer preventative steps to maintain your pavement and minimize  repairs and hazards.

How much will it cost?

The cost is determined by the scope of work.  We look at the size of the  driveway, the amount of asphalt that will be required to create grade  away from the house and to the street (we always advise their be 2  directions for drainage).  

We are happy to send someone out to  measure your driveway and talk with you about cost.  We ask that the  property owner be present to discuss their concerns. 

My garage floor is uneven  collects water.  Can it be covered with asphalt?

A garage floor can be overlayed with asphalt.  Asphalt does mark with  static weight and pressure.  Items such as bikes and lawnmowers will  leave slight indentations in the floor once it is asphalted. This also  is a concern when asphalt is used for a patio. 

Water runs towards my house from my driveway.  Is there a solution?

Yes, we can create grade along your driveway to prevent the water  running to the foundation.  Usually this ramp will be 2' wide and 1 1/2"  high at the house sloped to nothing at the driveway.  Since water does  not go uphill this keeps the water away from the house. 

My tires have created ruts in my parking stall.  Is there a way to fix this?

There are two options.  We can overlay the entire parking stall, or only  the area where the tires sit.  More often than not we do several  parking stalls at a time with the same issue.   


Can asphalt be colored?

 Your asphalt can be coated with a sealant that is tinted to offer many different looks for your home. 

I own a commercial property and the parking lot has several potholes and areas that are breaking.  Must the entire lot be redone?

 Small piecework is an option.  We can repair the areas that are failing and look at maintaining the integrity of the pavement.  
Budgeting for preventative parking lot repair maintains the pavement. 

Is a site inspection necessary?

Often as an owner or property manager your eyes are looking for several  issues.  Our eyes are looking specifically for trip hazards, failures in  the pavement and catch basins, as well as obvious issues.  
We ask  that the owner or manager meet with us to discuss the priorities they  wish to address.  This meeting takes a small amount of time.